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Budapest: Metro line 3's northern section reopens on Saturday, southern closes a week later

2019. március 29., péntek 11:19

After several months of delay, the northern section of Metro line 3 from Lehel Square to Újpest Central finally reopens this Saturday, placing the six renovated stations back in operation.

After the opening on 30 March, these six stations will no longer be served by buses, but as phase two of the line's renovation begins the following Saturday on 6 April, those regularly commuting to and from stops south of the Nagyvárad square station can brace for the extended use of replacement buses.

BKK says that during the next phase of the renovation, metro service replacement buses will leave from Üllői road every 45 seconds in peak periods, aided by bus lanes and reprogrammed traffic lights, as well as by new bus lines: the Havanna- and Gloriett-blocks (194M), Gyál and Pestszentimre (245M), and the Franz Liszt International Airport (200E) will all be connected to Nagyvárad square by direct bus lines. 

If you live in the area serviced by the section of Metro line 3 in question, BKK has an interactive map of the alternative routes you can take to access the metro system, which you can find on this page. Click on your area for detailed information on substitute lines.